Press & Media

Pure London x JATC is a trade collective of global fashion designers, brands, buyers and creative minds from the UK and around the world. We provide an international platform for hundreds of brands who shape trends and lead the conversation in fashion. This is an order writing event for industry professionals only.

Journalists across print and online, from small to large publications report on Pure London x JATC.
To apply for accreditation as press, please contact



Pure London x JATC is a business to business, order writing event and is not open to photographers and Videographers. If are a photographer/videographer and have accreditation from a relevant trade publication, please apply to with proof of your commission to apply for a press pass.


Influencers/Content Creators

Pure London x JATC is a business to business, order writing event. If your audience and content is relevant, please apply to for a press pass.


  • Only pre-approved photographers, videographers and influencers are allowed to capture photography and videos of Pure London x JATC catwalk shows and feature areas.

  • Photography and videos are not allowed to be captured of the exhibitors, exhibitor stands, and exhibitors products.

  • On arrival all pre-approved photographers, videographers and influencers must sign in with the Press Office for on-site accreditation.

  • All images and videos captured at Pure London x JATC must be clearly captioned and credited to Pure London x JATC.

  • Under no circumstances can photographers, videographers or influencers attempt to sell their services whilst attending Pure London x JATC.

  • Please do not walk onto the catwalk at any time without permission or a member of the press office present.

  • Please be aware of obstructing the aisles.

  • Please be respectful of the trade show and of the exhibitors who are looking to do business there, do not interrupt brands discussions with buyers or visitors and you are not allowed to sell services directly.

  • You cannot capture photography or content of an exhibitor or their collection without getting their permission.

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