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Pure London x JATC is a collective of buyers, influencers, retail and trend experts, dynamic brands and media curators from UK and around the world. Gathering twice a year in London, it is the UK’s definitive fashion tradeshow for premium, fashion-forward, trendsetting brands and designers from around the world.

Journalists across print and online, from small to large publications report on Pure London x JATC.
To apply for accreditation as press, please contact

Photography and videography is not permitted at any time unless you have been authorised as press or an officially accredited photographer or videographer (see below). If you are not a member of the accredited press please do not bring your camera equipment to the event.


Photographers and videographers

To attend Pure London x JATC as a photographer or videographer please email

All photographers and videographers will require pre-approval to enter Pure London x JATC.  Approval will be granted on receipt of evidence of commission from relevant media plus a description of where images/ videos will be used.  Terms & Conditions apply.


  • Only pre-approved photographers and videographers are allowed to capture photography and videos of Pure London x JATC catwalk shows and feature areas.
  • Photography and videos are not allowed to be captured of the exhibitors, exhibitor stands, and exhibitors products.
  • On arrival all pre-approved photographers and videographers must sign in with the Press Office for on-site accreditation.
  • All images and videos captured at Pure London x JATC must be clearly captioned and credited to Pure London x JATC.
  • Under no circumstances can photographers or videographers attempt to sell their services whilst attending Pure London x JATC.



All influencers and content creators need to register as Press. 

Please apply for registration by emailing You will be required to state which day you wish to attend, provide information and details of any affiliation with a Pure London x JATC exhibitor, and provide all relevant social handles for your Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok etc. Terms & Conditions Apply.


  • If you wish to capture any content at Pure London x JATC please agree this in advance with the Press Office.

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