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  • Recycled fibre from plastic waste for the textile industry is becoming more available than ever as the UN’s #CleanSeas campaign, Plastic Oceans, Surfers against sewage and Greenpeace campaigns amongst many continue to bring awareness of world-wide plastic waste and its impact on our oceans, food chains and us.
  • The new kid on the block: Lace & Beads

    16 May 2018 Nelly Gergi
    Meet Pure London’s newest recruit for SS19, Lace & Beads. Based in London, the brand’s focus is to make occasion wear accessible to the wider market – without compromising on quality. Read the full interview here.
  • The Met Gala 2018

    08 May 2018 Nelly Gergi

    Every year, the first Monday in May, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York host a fundraising gala we all know and love as The Met Gala. It’s one of the most important and prestigious events in the fashion calendar as it marks the grand opening of the annual fashion exhibition which is hosted at the museum.

    This year invited to an incredible mix of designer show pieces, from Fancy Pope to gothic lace and godly gold.

  • Central Saint Martins is the home of some of the best British designers – from Phoebe Philo, Stella McCartney and Craig Green. It’s a place where creativity is encouraged and where a neutral opinion doesn’t exist.
  • London’s biggest festival of fashion, Pure London, continues to expand with the launch of PURE KID, a new edited curation of kid’s fashion, footwear, accessories and maternity collections.

  • The V&A: Fashioned from Nature

    26 Apr 2018 Nelly Gergi

     What does the Gucci Garden and a 17th Century couture dress have in common? They both look to nature for inspiration.

    Fashioned From Nature is the new exhibition at the V&A that will make you think twice about where and what you shop. Read the full article here.

  • Coachella might have closed its doors on Sunday, but it officially opened festival season.
  • New for Pure London SS19

    17 Apr 2018 Nelly Gergi
    As we get closer to our SS19 show, Pure London already has a great line-up of new brands you need to watch, including everything from London based streetwear to premium shawls from Amsterdam and made-to-order knits.
  • Pure Origin is constantly evolving and our list of exhibiting manufacturers and fabric suppliers continues to grow. For the July show, we’re also very excited to introduce our first Textile Designer, Milena Zdravkova.
  • The art of Visual Merchandising

    11 Apr 2018 Nelly Gergi
    Visual merchandising can be tricky even for the most experienced retailer. As a store owner you want to show off all your best pieces, but how do you find the right mix? Read the interview with Luxury Visual Merchandiser Joseph Larkowsky. 
  • Sonia Perfetti, editor-in-charge of Collezioni Donna and Collezioni Haute Couture and co-editor of New(s)tyle Collezioni Donna/Accessori/Trends, summarises the womenswear trends for the Spring/Summer 2018 season by answering a number of questions by Peppe Orrù, London Contributing Editor, Collezioni.
  • The show’s managing director explains why she launched Pure Origin, and gives her take on the direction of the market. 
  • The future is closer than you’d think, as a new wave of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) begins to emerge in every sector from healthcare to security. 
  • The autumn 18 edition of trade show Pure London was bustling with buyers in the main hall, and new sections added interest.
  • Find out what inspires Sophia, her most memorable fashion memory and more in our 60 second interview with Sophia from Sophia Alexia.
  • Read our 60 second interview with Jordan & Lauren from Rainbeau Curves where they find inspiration for their collection, most memorable fashion moment and what London means to them in three words…
  • 60 seconds with Setre

    05 Feb 2018
    Read our 60 second interview with Alphan from Setre to hear what London means to them, where in London they like to shop and more…
  • Read our 60 second interview with Michele from Michele & Hoven their favourite place to shop in London, what London means to them and where they find inspiration for their new collection..
  • Read our 60 second interview with Lonneke from Aesthetic Stories where they find inspiration for their collection, most memorable fashion moment and what London means to them in three words…
  • Read our 60 second interview with Marwa from Cigdem Akin to hear who their favourite British designer is, where in London they like to shop and more..
  • Read our 60 second interview with Erdem from Explosion on what item of clothing makes them happy, where they find inspiration for their collection and where in London they like to shop..
  • Read our 60 second interview with Erdi from Joymiss on their most memorable fashion moment, where they find inspiration for their collection and more..
  • With the increase in private label collections, impact of Brexit, the growth in sustainability and innovative materials and practices, and following a huge amount of market research we realised that we needed to offer a platform for the entire supply chain, from fabric to the finished brand.

  • What is Coloro?

    29 Jan 2018 Pure London

    Coloro is a revolutionary system that is changing the way creatives, suppliers and manufacturers work with color. It is an intuitive, accurate approach to defining and communicating color.

  • Read where in London Katie and Vicky from Paisie likes to shop, what London means to her and more in our 60 second interview…

  • Large statement necklaces and outlandish shoes are just some of the items of clothing that makes Linda from Textile Forum happy.
  • Although 2018 has only just begun, fashion retailers and brands alike are already busy preparing for the upcoming seasons from Autumn/Winter 2018-2019 and Spring/Summer 2019.
  • Magazines, art, social media and people on the street are just some of the ways Chloe from Cherry at the Bees finds inspiration. Find out more about Chloe in our 60 seconds with interview…
  • Read what item of clothing Clara from 5yMedio makes her the happiest, her most memorable fashion moments and the one item of clothing she could wear for the rest of her life…
  • Read our 60 seconds interview with Maribela Swimwar to find out what their most memorable fashion moment was, their favourite British designer and what London means to them…

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