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  • 60 seconds with Anel

    07 Dec 2017 Pure London
    Find out where Elena from Anel, find inspiration for her womenswear collection, her favorite item of clothing and where in London she likes to shop.
  • 60 seconds with Kiwi+Pomelo

    07 Dec 2017 Pure London
    Read what fashion accessory Nuria from Kiwi+Pomelo can't live without and where they find inspiration for their latest collection.
  • 60 seconds with O bag UK

    07 Dec 2017 Pure London
    Read the 60 second interview we did with O Bag to see what item of clothing makes Marketing Director, Jordan Quinlan the happiest...
  • 60 seconds with Pour Moi

    07 Dec 2017 Pure London
    Read the 60 second interview we did with Erika Lepore from Pour Moi to find out who her favourite British designer is and what London means to her in three words.
  • 60 seconds with A-line Clothing

    06 Dec 2017 Pure London
    Diana from A-line Clothing, said if she could wear one thing for the rest of her life it would be a shirt. Read on to find out her reasons why...
  • Henry David Thoreau, the 19th-century counterculture...
  • The unstoppable power of social media

    15 Sep 2017 Barbara Santamaria, Journalist at
    Digital is now ‘influencing’ a considerable 70% of all sales at Burberry, revealed the British luxury giant...
  • It’s a recognised truth that trying to please too many people is rarely a good strategy.
  • The beauty of Athleisurewear

    15 Sep 2017 Alberto Caselli, editor in charge Sport & Street
    In recent times, a new trend has being making its way across the Atlantic. It originally started in  California, a land obsessed with fitness and all things related...
  • London: the home of menswear

    14 Sep 2017 Melissa Wheeler
    Ever since the ‘boyfriend jean’ and the ‘boyfriend blazer’ entered fashion’s lexicon, menswear has been flexing its muscles.
  • “Buy Well, Choose Well; Make it Last”

    12 Jul 2017 Melissa Wheeler
    It can be hard to stay in sync with the pace of life. High gear living has been substituted with high standards...
  • Retail is a risky business, particularly in the current economic climate. When I became editor of Attire Accessories...
  • Although it is true that the winter season is usually less glamorous than the summer season, it must be admit...
  • In a globalised, technology-driven world, where the consumer is king and trends move faster than ever...
  • What customers really want...

    08 Dec 2016 Melissa Wheeler
    Essentially, the retailer’s needs echo those of the consumer. At the trade shows, buyers will always be seeking...

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